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Commercial Considerations

When using a font for commercial use, there are a few issues that a designer must consider before publishing his or her material. Fonts, such as the ones developed by the SummitType Foundry, are owned by the company or individual who created them. Free fonts included in software are not restricted and can be used in almost any form. However, with many of the fonts found on the web, it is unclear if they are free, must be licensed or are pirated from a collection. If these premium fonts are used without the correct license, there can be legal ramifications. Summitsoft and the SummitType Foundry wish our customers to avoid this as much as possible. So here are a few considerations to make before using a font in a commercial project.

Commercial Licensing

Even though you purchase the font from the foundry or another company, is it licensed for commercial or private use and royalty free? Commercially licensed fonts should come with a certificate (digital or hard copy) that gives the purchaser the right to use the font commercially. All the fonts in the Creative Font collections are licensed for personal and commercial use. So rest easy knowing that you can use them where ever and when ever you like!

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Premium Quality Fonts

Premium Quality & Unique

All of our Creative Fonts are OpenType, the same industry standard used by Microsoft© and Adobe©. This means they stay sharp and clear at any size. Each font in the Creative Fonts collections are hand designed by our own SummitType Foundry so each and every font is unique!

Full Character Sets

Fonts purchased elsewhere may only have uppercase and lowercase characters – some don’t even have numbers or standard symbols. Each and every font contains a full set of characters plus all of the international and foreign language symbols and special characters.

Full Character Sets graphic
Full Character Sets graphic

100% Compatible

All of the fonts in Creative Fonts work in your favorite programs and are also portable between PC and Mac. This gives you incredible flexibility in deciding how and where you want to put these fonts to use. Bottom line – the control is in your hands.

Did you know?

Fonts come down to modern times from the first manual printing houses and referred to a complete set of metal type which multiple definitions of letters based on frequency in words as well as special characters (period, dashes, etc.). Although modern fonts are far from their historical predecessors, the fonts created at the SummitType Foundry still have many of the same characteristic that were used to classify their ancestors.


Do you know why we call letters upper and lowercase?


The upper and lower case naming convention has come down from where they where located in the printing house. The majuscule (uppercase) were kept in the upper case and minuscule (lowercase) in the lower case.

Font Characteristics

Fonts have several characteristics that are used to describe the character set. From baseline to bold, weight, and kerning, the inidividual parts of a font’s anatomy differentiate one from another. However, perhaps the most recognizable are weight, serif, and width.

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