Fonts FAQ

Where are my fonts?

The fonts from Summitsoft for most products are installed at the following place in your computer:
C:\Users\{your_user_name_here}\Documents\Summitsoft Fonts
The content will be inside this folder. This will be the case for most people. However, the hard disk drive may vary depending of the settings on your computer. For other problems check out our support center.

How to install or remove fonts on my Mac?

The link below is a reference for the Apple support which they answer this problem. To learn more about, click on the link below: How to install and remove fonts on your Mac

What format are the fonts in?

The fonts are in OpenType® format.

Are these royalty free fonts that I can use commercially?

Yes, you can use these fonts in any personal, business or commercial use project you want. This includes advertisements, presentations, letters, artwork, scrapbooks, invitations, newsletters, brochures, manuals, websites, and more…this is an incredible value when you realize an individual font online can cost between $5 to $50 for a commercial use license!

Where can I get the following information: license agreement, copyright and credits?

Hello for information about license agreement, copyright, usage, credits, please, take a look at the the file below
Fonts license agreement

Orders FAQ

How do I start a new order?

Simply click on any of the “buy” or “add to cart” buttons throughout the Summitsoft website. This is how you add products to your shopping cart.

Should I put spaces or dashes in the Credit Card number?

No. Your card number should be entered in as a continuous string of numbers.

How will the charge show up on my credit card?

The charge will appear on your credit card as: FS* summitsoft

Where can I get customer support for FastSpring?

To get customer support for FastSpring click on the follow link:

Can I get a refund on my online purchase?

Online purchases are non-refundable. If you bought in a physical store, you should talk to the respective store and see their policies.

Installation & Activation FAQ

Where can I get more information about Installation and Activation of products?

To learn more about the installation and activation of products, please visit the following page: Support – Installation & Activation

Download FAQ

How do I download?

Once you complete your order you will be able to download your purchased software from the order confirmation page.

How do I get my serial # or unlock codes for my purchase?

Once your order is complete you will receive 2 separate emails: one with your order information and a link to a printable invoice, and the other with any license key required for each software product.

My unlock code/key/serial number is not working. What do I do?

If you are unable to use the license key sent to you with your order, please click here to open a ticket and provide your order number and all relevant information.

How do I re-download software that I have purchased?

The download link you receive with your order confirmation email is only valid for 6 attempts or 7 days. Partial or incomplete downloads count towards the total numbers of attempts allowed. Larger files have a larger number of attempts allotted to account for failed attempts. You can safeguard your purchase by extending your ability to download for a full 12 months by adding Online File Backup Protection to your order.

What if the download stops before it is complete?

You are allowed up to 6 attempts or 7 days to download your software, so remove any partially downloaded file and then try downloading again from the link provided to you in your order confirmation email.

I’ve finished downloading, where do I find it?

The best way to know where your download saved is to pay close attention to the “Save As” window at the beginning of the download process. Once you have clicked the download link and selected the option to save the file, you will be given the “Save As” window, which shows you exactly where your download is being saved to on your computer. If you know the filename, you can do a search on your computer for it. In most cases it will be saved on your Downloads folder, unless you made some modification.

What if I want a CD, can I get one?

We have discountinued the practice of producing CD-ROM discs in an effort to reduce waste and preserve nature.

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