Create Beautiful Graphic Art

Graphic Design Studio makes it easy for anyone to create incredible graphic designs. From banners to flyers, cards to coupons, the tools and canvas, provide you with a flexible workspace to create graphics for any size print or for the web.

Draw or Design your Creation

Stretch, pinch, and re-size shapes or hand draw your images with the pen and pencil tools to create one-of-kind graphic art, limited by only your imagination.

Transform Text and Fonts

Make any text awesome and jump off your banner with total text control that gives any font a creative edge. Control the color, size, and shape. Add gradients, shadows, and other effects to any font on your computer.

Edit Clip Art and Graphics

Resize any .svg vector image to match any size project with one of the many easy to use and flexible design tools. Add solid and artistic strokes, fill backgrounds with textures, and blend images to create 3D effects, or any of the other vector tools add your own artistic touch!

Graphic design for any project

Graphic Design Studio - Lemonade Stand Creation Create you project with Graphic Design Studio
Graphic Design Studio - Lemonade Stand Sign Print it from your office, home, or, for larger projects, take it to a office superstore, drug store, or copy center.
Graphic Design Studio - Lemonade Stand Display your project for everyone!

One Program. Unlimited Projects.

Graphic Design Studio gives you the tools to create eye-popping graphics for any project. Not sure where to start? Check out the hundreds of Design Inspirations included to get you going.

Make signs, flyers, backdrops, and t-shirts for any occasion

Create yard signs, door hangers, and billboards for special events

Design tickets, programs, and banners for exhibitions

Flexible Tools for any Project

Graphic Design Studio - open canvas and layers

Create on an open Canvas

Whether you need to create banners, buttons and graphics for your website, or design large-scale, billboard-sized images, Graphic Design Studio has you covered. The flexible, open canvas can create graphics in any size and any amount of detail that you need. With layers, changing parts of your design is simply a click away.

Graphic Design Studio - professional output

Export to Professional Formats

Easily export your work to professional, industry standard formats to use in other projects or send to printers. Save your work as PDF, PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF, SVG, EMF, XPS, BMP, and WPD formats.

Graphic Design Studio - Incredible Special Effects

Incredible Special Effects

Add a creative touch using professional effects that get noticed. Lift your logo off the canvas with a shadow, add a 3D bevel technique and so much more to give your design your unique look.

Graphic Design Studio - Design Inspirations

Inspiration for any Project

Choose from over 100 professionally-created Design Inspirations to help get you started. Dozens of pre-designed posters, web banners, signs, postcards, illustrations and postcards to choose from. Simply choose the Design Inspirations that looks the most interesting to you, open it up and modify it with the flexible, intuitive drawing tools.


Graphic Design Tools for Everyone


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