Summitsoft’s volume licensing program makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within a single purchasing organization. By acquiring software licenses through Summitsoft’s volume licensing programs, you will be able to reduce costs and you will also receive more customized purchasing options and improved software management, as compared to buying single boxed solutions.

Volume Licensing Considerations To choose the optimal approach for your organization, you must first understand the major characteristics of volume licensing policies and programs. Areas for consideration:
  • The size and type of your organization: if more than five people will need software, volume licensing is a good option.
  • The products you want to license: Summitsoft offers several complementary & related products. For example, our Logo Expansion Packs can be integrated into Logo Design Studio Pro. Consider all of the products and combinations your organization may want to implement. This will help us customize your volume licensing package.
  • The way in which you want to use those products: Will they be used as a teaching tool? Department-wide? Company-wide?
Summitsoft tailors some of its programs to meet the needs of specific industries, depending on the primary function of the organization. For example, we have special programs for the academic institutions and government agencies. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a personalized quote for volume licensing, or if you have any questions:    

Government & Academic Licensing

Summitsoft is a proud partner of government agencies and the academic community. Since our software is designed for use on a single computer, we have created a special program for institutions requiring volume licensing. If you want to make the software available to large groups of students and/or employees we offer low-priced site licenses for computer labs, offices and other group settings. Such a license allows you to install the academic or government editions of our software in your school or work computer lab for one year. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a personalized quote for your government or academic agency, or if you have any questions:    

OEM/Partnership Bundles

If you are interested in placing a Summitsoft product in a bundle or OEM package, we would be happy to speak with you about this opportunity.  Please contact us directly:

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