Do I Need A Font License?

Absolutely! Font licenses provide the owner the right to use a typeface in a manner as defined in the license. Fonts are technically considered bits of computer software, and just like any other software you are not supposed to install or use it without a license. Trademarks or copyrights often legally protect typefaces, fonts and their designers. This is why obtaining the proper license is so important.

The Summitsoft Font License grants the owner the right to use the specific font and/or fonts they purchased from Summitsoft in any commercial project. In addition to being licensed for commercial use, all Summitsoft fonts are royalty free.

The most important things to understand about font licenses are that you likely need some sort of font license for most of the work you will be doing and not all font licenses are the same. Commonly, they vary by the creator of the font and whether you are using a typeface for personal or commercial use. The Summitsoft Font License covers all uses personal and commercial.

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