Top Luxury Car Logos

The Definitive Ranking of Luxury Car Logos

Car logos are some of the most highly-recognized symbols in the world and none more so than luxury car logos.  Thus the challenge of ranking the logos of some of the coolest brands on the planet was just too good to pass up.  Scroll through our rankings to see who comes out on top!

When The Logo Crew For Logo Design Studio Pro took on the challenge of ranking all of the luxury car logos, it was not a challenge that we entered into lightly.  We are well aware of brand ties and allegiances that might have swayed our voting process.  That is why we came up with an impartial rating system to help us clearly distinguish the best from the rest.  Here was the criteria used:
  • Memorability – How memorable is the logo?
  • Scalability – How memorable is the logo? How well would the logo translate into different sizes or colors?
  • Relevancy – How appealing is this logo to the target market? (In this case, high-end, luxury buyers)
  • Personality – How well does the logo convey the personality of the brand?
  • Overall Appearance – How attractive is the logo overall?
We took every logo and had each member of our esteemed Logo Crew panel rate each logo against each criteria and then added up all the scores.  Some of the results were surprising and others were quite expected.  Either way, we’re confident that the results will speak for themselves.