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SystemTech Backup

Flexible. Safe. Secure.

SystemTech Backup is a data, system, and archive back up management application. Its speed and reliability makes this program the best solution for easy back- up and restore your system and files. SystemTech Backup addresses the limitations using remote cloud backup, external hard-drives, USB ports, mobile devices, iTunes, and Windows Live File System.

Full of features to keep your data safe

With SystemTech Backup you will have the ability to password protect or encrypt your files into a folder within your PC. It also maintains a list of all your backups, tasks, documents, favorites, music, outlook folders, photos, settings and a lot more. It’s simplicity makes it an user friendly interface with the capabilities to back up with a click of a button to setting up a specific date and time.
Encrypted Backups - Protect Your Privacy
flexible and secure backups

Flexible and Secure Backup

FTP Remote Backup

SystemTech BackUp features a built-in capability to back up large files from your desktop or laptop directly into a FTP server. FTP is the fastest internet protocol to transfer and share large files. Simply choose your back up file as FTP server and follow the step by step wizard to set up the task.

Full and Partial Restore

Restore is a simple task that allows you to bring back all files backed up returned to your hard-drive. This is essentially a restoration of backed up documents, media, music, etc back into your computer. You will have the option to do a partial restoration or even a full restoration.

Schedule and Batch Backup

Schedule Backup

SystemTech BackUp allows you to schedule a back up task to the date and time of your choice. You have the option to select how often your back ups are started. Simply select the starting and ending date and time.

Batch Backup

With SystemTech BackUp you can group any task. With the click of button, you can start backing up all files at once. SystemTech BackUp uses a multi-threading technology allowing the user to perform multiple tasks at a time. These operating are concurrent and not sequential, making the task time efficient.

Schedule and Batches
Find Files and Backup Easily

Find Files and Backup Easily

Auto Catalog

Catalogs are created with the back up automatically. These are store in a default folder in your task sub folder of your personal SystemTech BackUp folder. The catalog serves as a back up history, directory for your photos, music, and documents. Making it an efficient tool for organization and easy to find.

Common Tasks (Templates)

SystemTech BackUp comes with several easy to use back up templates for photos, documents, favorites, videos, music, Winmail, Outlook, settings, C-drive, D drive, Dropbox, Google, GoogleDocs, iCloud, QuickBooks, iPhones, iTunes, Skype, TurboTax and a lot more. Making this the easiest way to set your back up tasks.


System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows® 11, Windows® 10, Windows® 8/8.1
  • Hard Drive: 830Mb Hard Drive space
  • Other: CD/DVD, Thumb drives, USB Hard Drive, FTP Remote Server, and Network Drive, or, any Drives listed in Windows Explorer for backup locations other than Hard Drive
  • Internet Connection for registration.

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