Summitsoft Releases PhotoTools 2

Summitsoft Releases PhotoTools 2 OMAHA, NE – January 25, 2016 – Summitsoft Corporation, a leading developer and publisher of Windows productivity software, announced today the upcoming release of PhotoTools 2, which will replace the Company’s older product, Photo Tool Kit. PhotoTools 2 was developed to utilize the newest Windows® operating system and has everything you need for advanced editing, enhancing and effects. Your photos will come to life with vibrant color and deep highlights that are sure to impress. PhotoTools 2 is packed with filters and effects that take your photos to the next level and make it easy to enhance or fix any photo. If you want to restore an old photo or make a new photo look like it was taken on a vintage instamatic camera, PhotoTools 2 has what you need. • Photo Editing Tools o Crop, Color Adjust, Re-Size, Black&White and Layered Images • Photo Enhancement Tools o Auto Enhance, Color Correction, Retouch Tools, Heal & Clone Brush, Fix Perspectives and Photo Alignment • Photo Effects Tools o Text, Color and Lens Effects, Distortion, Textures and Borders • Panorama and Collage No matter if you take photos with an expensive DLR camera or your smart phone, PhotoTools 2 will help take your pictures to a new level that will impress your friends and family. About Summitsoft Summitsoft Corporation is a publisher of productivity software products, creating innovative business solutions for professionals and home users. Summitsoft offers software through major retailers in North America, South America, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Europe, as well as on the Internet. Press Contact: Lynn M. Rudolph Media Relations Summitsoft Corporation