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How To Install Your New Fonts

  1. On a windows computer > to begin downloading your font package installer, select SAVE FILE, this will save the font installer to your browser. You can now open the file through your browser (usually in the upper right of your browser) or open your Downloads folder located on your desktop and look for the most recent application installed. Should be called something like CreativeFontsFree-Installer_1_0_2.exe. or CreativeFontsCursive or something along those lines, depending on what font package was installed. You could also try searching your computer for “ CreativeFonts “
  2. Open that file and you will be prompted asking if you want to allow this application to make changes to your device. Select YES.
  3. You will now see a new window that says Welcome to The Creative Fonts Free Setup Wizard. Click the NEXT button.
  4. Next we will ask, where you would like to store these fonts. Click the Browse button to select the ideal location that works for you. Usually customers store their fonts in the DOCUMENTS folder but you can store them where ever you like. It should look something like this      C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents\      Be sure to write down the location so you can find them later. Click the NEXT button.
  5. Next we’ll ask you to verify and be Ready To Install. Click the INSTALL button.
  6. Once installed, a window will notify you that your fonts have been installed. Click the FINISH button.

Locating Your Fonts

Once your fonts have been installed you can view them buy going to the folder you selected to install (read above). Look for Summitsoft Fonts > Creative Fonts > Fonts.  Within this folder you will see your new fonts.

Using Your New Fonts

To use your new fonts, you will need to locate the fonts within the folder where they were installed (see above). You will now need to right click on each font and select INSTALL. A quick way is to select all the fonts at once (click the top font, hold the shift key, and click the last font) this will select all the fonts, now right click and select INSTALL.

That’s it! Now you can start using your new fonts with any program!

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