Creating a logo for a jewelry business (Part 2)

Tips & Ideas for Jewelry Logos


Whether you are running a veritable jewelry empire or you just want to sell a few hand-crafted jewelry pieces on Etsy or a website, creating a logo is one of the first steps towards creating a memorable brand. The right logo has the power to help connect people instantly with your brand, and a bad logo can very easily do the opposite.

With a jewelry business, you are selling a product that can be elegant, understated and timeless, yet on the flip-side, can also be quirky, unique and colorful. Jewelry is the ultimate accessory and the type of jewelry a person wears is usually a very personal choice. A person’s jewelry is usually chosen to help reflect their unique personality and your business and logo should help cater to that.

Before creating a logo for your jewelry business, it’s important that you understand who your target market is so that your logo will appeal to that market. A logo for a teenage girls costume jewelry line would be vastly different than a logo for a high-end jeweler. You’ll also want to have a good understanding of your brand personality so that you can create a jewelry logo that will represent your jewelry business well.


Color Ideas for Jewelry Logos


Color-graphicChoosing the right colors for your jewelry logo can help set your business apart from the pack.  There are no hard and fast rules about the right colors for a jewelry logo, but there are definitely some combinations that have been proven to work well.  Here are a few of the best ways to use color in your jewelry logo:

 [icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Go bold – bright jewel tones are excellent for jewelry logos

 [icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Play with pastel hues for a fresh, girly appeal

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] If your target market is young females, incorporate pink and purple for a girly appeal

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] For a high-end look, incorporate metallics like gold, silver and bronze

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Use several shades of the same color, which gives a rich, lustrous appearance

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Go for an understated elegance with just black

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Try incorporating shades of purple, which evokes a feeling of richness and royalty


Image Ideas for Jewelry Logos



Not every logo needs an image to convey it’s message, but in the case of a jewelry business, most companies would be best served to incorporate an image in their logo. Again, your choice of logo image should be tied directly to your target market and your brand proposition, but here are some ideas that we know work well for both everyday jewelry lines and high-end jewelers:

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Use jewelry within your logo. A gemstone, a ring or a necklace all lend themselves to making excellent jewelry logo images.

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Go geometric – If you want something a little less obvious, try incorporating geometric shapes into your logo design.

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Try something ornate – Not recommended for every jewelry business, but if your jewelry features highly detailed designs, think about creating a logo that reflects your style

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] Connect your logo with beauty by incorporating the beauty of nature. Flowers, butterflies, pearls and anything colorful can all work well for jewelry logos.

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] For an understated, elegant look, use a simple monogram rather than an image.


Font Ideas for Jewelry Logos


FontBall-graphicChoosing the right font for your jewelry logo can help convey the personality of your brand more than almost anything. There is no right or wrong way to choose a font – you’ll likely have to experiment a bit to find just the right one. That being said, if you know the message you want your brand to convey, it’ll be much easier to find the font for your logo that best fits your brand. Here are a few ideas:

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] For an accessible, everyday jewelry brand – Choose something fun, upbeat and accessible. Casual handwriting fonts work especially well, also unique, quirky fonts can be great for the right brand.

[icon name=icon-ok][/icon] For a high-end, expensive jewelry brand – Choose something elegant like a script font or a classic serif-style. Both font styles evoke a feeling of history and richness that are great representations of a high-end brand.



Quick Tips for Jewelry Logos:

  • Do understand your target market and brand personality before creating your logo
  • Do adhere to core logo design principles
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a bold color if it fits your brand
  • Don’t choose a font that is to swirly, twirly and girly
  • Do consider using a gemstone, necklace or ring in your logo
  • Do think about incorporating jewel and geometric shapes in surprising ways
  • Do play to and incorporate your brand strengths