Why Do I Need A Business Card?

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, business cards are not dead. Business cards are still around and an essential asset when trying to build a new business, create a new business relationship or networking with individuals who can help you on your mission. So, as you’re sitting here researching why do I need a business card, the better question is actually why not?

Business Cards Are Easy

Creating a business card is simple, easy, and cost effective. You can create thousands of business cards for under $30. Seriously, with a small $30 investment you can continue to create and produce unique business cards that can be tailored to your audience. Now we’re not saying you need to print 1,000 business cards at once, you realistically need about 50 at a time but having the option to print, update, tweak your design, reprint, change a color, etc all in a matter of minutes is worth hundreds of dollars, if not thousands in invested time.

It’s All About First Impressions

From the first time you meet someone to all the material you present; every touch point is important, especially in business when every individual could be a new business partner or customer. Let’s say for example you’re wearing a new suit to a networking event, everything about you is polished from the fit of your clothes to the shine of your shoes, and now someone asks for your business card and sure enough you thought it wasn’t important, so you didn’t bring any. Whelp, sorry to say but that little misstep (yes, it’s a misstep) will cost you in the end.

Now the conversation has ended and they have no way of remembering you or contacting you. More than likely they’ll remember you as being not prepared, not being “buttoned up” on all fronts vs someone who had it all together. Part of being a business professional is just that, being professional and having everything about you from your clothes to your business card in tip-top shape.

Why Not Come Prepared?

It’s better to come over prepared than under prepared to any type of potential business meeting. Why not come prepared with business cards? They’re small to handle and can fit just about anywhere from your pants pocket, to your clutch purse, they literally can fit just about anywhere so why not bring them? You don’t need to bring 500 cards, like we mentioned just print off 25-50 cards at a time and bring those. We’re not saying to bring a portfolio, a presentation, and brochures (although this might be a good idea), we’re just saying carry a few business cards around with you everywhere you go.

Business Cards Are Tangible

Leaving something tangible with those you just met brings a connection to their experience and conversation with you. They literally have something to remember you by vs.  a distant memory of your interaction.  A physical 2.5” by 3” piece of paper will for the most part be on their desk, in their back pocket, or in their vehicle for months to come and the best part, it’s another touch-point for your business and brand.

They may have forgotten about you and your business, or perhaps got pulled in another direction and had to pivot. Now three months later they are cleaning out their car and come across your business card which reminds them of your services and NOW just happens to be the perfect timing, so they give you a call. Bam, there’s some new business for you, you’re welcome.

Oh, but you decided that you didn’t need business cards in the first place remember? Bad choice.

Let Us Help Print Your Business Cards

Print your business cards at home and print around 50 at a time. There is no need for 500 business cards, no need to pay for shipping, no need to pay for every tweak, update, logo design, color change, anything. Simply use business card studio pro, print your business cards at home and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run. After all, business is about making the smart financial choice and printing your cards at home with business card studio pro is the smart financial choice.