Slideshow: NFL Logo Evolution

The Complete Evolution of NFL Logos

As far as logos go, the team logos of the National Football League are some of the most recognized in the world.  Placed on everything from t-shirts to mugs to chairs and even cars, it’s a thing of pride for a person to show off their favorite NFL team’s logo.  The history of logo design within the NFL is an interesting one and the evolution of each teams logo is as unique as each football franchise.  Check out our slideshow to see how your favorite team has changed over the years:

NFL Logo Design Fun Facts

  • The average NFL team has changed their logo 3.7 times historically
  • The average duration of an NFL logo is just under 14 years
  • The NFL team with the most logo changes is the Washington Redskins with 8 different logos in it’s 77 year franchise history.
  • The NFL teams with the fewest logo changes are the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans.  Both teams have had only one logo over their histories.
  • The NFL team that has changed it’s logo most frequently is the Cincinnati Bengals – they’ve changed their logo every 7.7 years on average.
  • The newest logos in the NFL belong to the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings.  Both teams redesigned their logos in 2013.
  • The oldest logo in the NFL, which is still being used belongs to the Dallas Cowboys.  The current Cowboys logo was first used in 1964 and has not been changed since.