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WebAnimator Plus

Seize the full power of web animation

Add Audio and Video files to your Animations

Create product promotions and online presentations and embed them into your website. WebAnimatior Plus gives you the power to add audio and video files to your animations. WebAnimator Plus accomplishes this in just a few mouse clicks that normally takes lines of HTML 5 and CSS code.

Create Custom Timing Functions

You’ve created one-of-a-kind images for your website. Now, make you animations move they way you want. With the ability to create your own timing, you can have your animation slow down, stop, and speed up whenever you want.

Animate Buttons

Your call-to-action is perfectly phrased, now make your buttons pop. WebAnimator Plus lets you create complex animations for your buttons that will be sure to get notice…and clicked!

WebAnimator Plus features:

  • Electrify your message and invigorate you call to actions with animated backgrounds and images
  • The HTML 5 animations are fully responsive meaning that whatever device is used to view your website, it will look like how you intend it
  • Embed animations on any website or export for use in Website Creator 12 or Incomedia’s Website X5
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Engage Your Audience with Animated Menus and Images

Quickly animate menus to engage your customers. Keep them clicking on your content with call-to-action images that grab their attention.
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Easy to Use Interface

The simple yet powerful user interface guides you through creating your animations and easily add events and publish your HTML 5 animations.
professionally designed templates

Kick Start your Animation with a Template collection

Preset animations and visual effects will let you make your animations in seconds rather than hours. WebAnimator does all the heavy lifting.

System Requirements for WebAnimator Plus:

  • Operating System: Windows® 10, 8, 7, or Vista
  • 2Gb RAM
  • Internet connection and e-mail account for activation

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