Summitsoft Giving Away Apple 16GB WiFi iPad


Summitsoft Giving Away Apple 16GB WiFi iPad

OMAHA, NE – July 28, 2010 – Summitsoft, a leading software publisher, announced today they are running a sweepstakes as a thank you to their customers who have supported them over the years. The online sweepstakes will reward one lucky winner with an Apple 16GB WiFi iPad in August.

The Apple iPad has quickly captured the imagination of over 3 million tech savvy customers, and continues to push Apple further ahead of other tablet PC and e-reader competitors with its revolutionary design and function.

No purchase is necessary, and you can enter through August 15, 2010.

The sweepstakes, is offered only in the United States and void in Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, outside the United States, and anywhere else prohibited by law. All participants must be of 18 years of age to be eligible to participate. By entering, you agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of Sponsor, which are final and binding in all respect. Only one (1) entry per household for this contest.

Previous winners, employees of the Company, this contest’s participating sponsors and their advertising agencies, and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate and win. Delivery Disclaimer. The Company disclaims all liability for any delays, mis-delivery, loss, or failure in the delivery of any item sent by mail, email, courier, express, electronic transmission, or other delivery method.

To enter, and to learn more information including the Official Rules, visit Summitsoft online.



About Summitsoft
Summitsoft Corporation is a top ten publisher of productivity software products, creating innovative business solutions for professionals and home users. Summitsoft offers software through major retailers in North America, South America, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Europe, as well as on the Internet. For additional information please visit our website at

Summitsoft NameFusion Free Release

Smart business software utility released for free for limited time

OMAHA, NE – July 27, 2010 – Where will your next idea for a name come from? Chances are it may come from NameFusion, powerful name creation software released for free under a commercial license from Summitoft Corporation.

NameFusion puts the power behind naming any company, organization, group, product, service or even person in the hands of anyone who needs to expand their creative horizons. Instead of spending countless hours trying to “wordsmith” the right name, NameFusion can quickly transform concepts and ideas into hundreds of potential new brands. Get instant inspiration by browsing thousands of pre-crafted words for any industry, or lean on the included library dictionary list of over 100,000 words to quickly create the perfect name.

NameFusion offers seven different name creation tools to help generate a list of new name ideas whenever you need it:

*Industry Search – Easily find unique names or common words associated with specific industry sectors.

*Name Attributes – Easily find unique names or common words associated with actions and emotions.

*Word Combo – Instantly combine parts of words to create new names you can use in your business.

*Letter Synthesis – Generate new names based on specific letters and numbers you may want to use.

*Word Bind – Add your own words and names to the beginning or end of other database lists.

*Acronyms – Recombine the first letters of two or more words to create entirely new names.

Need to make sure your new names will work in the real world?

Using NameFusion to come up with a new name is easy, and so is making sure someone else hasn’t thought of it before you. The included Name Checker quickly looks online to see if your new names can also be used as website domains, and offers creative extensions if that exact name is already taken. You can also check to see if your names have been trademarked in the United States, Canada or the UK; and find out if any part of the name can be considered vulgar in more than 6 languages.

NameFusion is perfect for everyone including:

– Web developers who need to create unique business names and website domains
– Product and brand managers who have a product or service they are trying to define
– Software developers who need to name their products and unique features
– Ad agencies developing new brands
– New business startups trying to name their company, products and services
– Established organizations attempting to refresh their existing brands or create new ones
– Non-profits needing a free resource to market their needs to others
– And more…

Download NameFusion for free now by visiting the Summitsoft website at:

About Summitsoft
Summitsoft Corporation is a retail and online leader in business software. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska the company is committed to the interests of creative home and business users with products available through major retailers in North America, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan, as well as on the Internet.