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Photography Logo Design


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A Snapshot of What Makes a Great Phogography Logo

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a logo says a lot about the photography business behind it. It reflects your style and expertise. It highlights what makes you different from the other photographers out there. And it shows how committed you are to every aspect of your trade.

So whether you’re embarking on a new venture or giving your existing brand a makeover, you need to put a lot of thought (and time and effort) into your logo design. It’s bound to be a complex and tricky process, but your final logo could have an impact on a potential client’s decision to work or not work with you.

Generally, photography logos should be fresh, creative, cool and vibrant. It’s a very visual field, so your audience expects nothing short of an appealing and inspired design.

But it’s not just looks that matter. Your logo should also be representative of your service and visual aesthetic. So if you specialize in edgy commercial photography or classic wedding photography, make sure this is conveyed in the elements of your logo. Say you’ve decided to make your name the focal point. You could experiment with the font style and color to demonstrate your bold style or stick with simple or vintage typeface to echo your traditional approach.

When it comes to graphics, typical choices include cameras, film reels and tripods. If you opt for the camera but would like to set your design apart, you could concentrate on just one component (e.g., frame, lens, shutter, viewfinder) and add a unique spin to it. To paint a clearer picture of your business, you may also want to add symbols or icons like that of a house, building or roof for companies concentrating on real estate photography and of certain animals for those who are geared toward pet photography.

Another way to add interest is to make creative use of white space in your logo design. Or you could select a bright or muted color palette to bring everything together. Case in point: Businesses who focus on child photography may incorporate vibrant neon colors, while those in the newborn photography field can play with subdued hues.

Just remember that balance is key. Every element of your logo should blend seamlessly the same way the elements of your photos do.


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